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    ◆「AS」or 「the Company」 refers to Guangzhou Kai Zi Trading Co., Ltd., AS’s general agent in China, and other companies authorized by AS.
    ◆「Products」 refer to all merchandises and accessories using the trademark 「AS」, and constituting the subject mutually agreed upon with customers under this agreement.
    ◆「The Client 」refers to individuals or companies intending to purchase AS’s products.
    ◆「AS membership」 are only available in『 AS outlets in department stores located in North and Northeastern China』.

  • How to apply for the membership of AS?

    The membership for AS is open to every person interested in AS. You could apply via the following steps:
    ◆ Please apply in any 『AS retail shops in department stores in North and Northeastern China』.
    ◆ After 「applying for the membership」 in aforementioned AS retail shops with the help of our services stuff, you will receive a text message sent from our computer network, informing you have become an 「AS member」.
    ◆ For AS’s special discount and services for members, please either browse AS’s official website in China on http://www.asfashion.net, read text messages sent from AS or brochures at AS retail shops.
    ※ Please note: If you have duplicate accounts, the bonus points you earn will only be recorded in one of your accounts. For the sake of your interests, bonus points under different accounts could not be used together.

  • What’s the benefit to become an AS member?

    After becoming an 「AS member」,
    ◆ you will enjoy 「permanent membership」 in AS retail shops located in North and Northeastern China (※excluding regions covered by distributors in China.)
    ◆ You could earn bonus points , enjoy special discounts and order products while you are shopping in 『AS retail shops in department stores in North and Northeastern China』. (Note: please refer to notices and text messages released by AS for discounts)
    Note: For detailed information about AS membership in China please visit http://www.asfashion.net

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